About Our Clinics

Sister Rosalind is the founder of Sister Rosalind’s Massage and Wellness Centers. It has been her life’s purpose to spread God’s message and the power of healing through touch. When Sister Rosalind started publicly doing massage twenty years ago, massage was not accepted, but instead it was associated with prostitution. It brought a great deal of shame upon her and her order. Many considered her a “dirty old woman” as she says. Today, massage is very popular and very accepted largely because of her work in the field.

We are a Christian organization, based on Sister Rosalind’s love of God. We will share as much or as little of our spiritual ministry with you as you would like. If you do not share our faith, your spiritual experience with us will be no different than that of any other clinic. We want you to feel relaxed, welcomed and at home.

You can read more about Sister Rosalind and her story, in her biography, “Hands That Touch, Hands That Heal.” Sister Rosalind’s journey is an amazing one. She was a poor German speaking girl in Strasburg, North Dakota, who became a Nun, an LPN, and a business owner, all while following the call of her heart to spread God’s message.

Massage relieved chronic pain that she had lived with her entire life and it was a turning point. Shunned by the members of her order, she followed her heart, challenging everyone’s notions of what healing was. Today she has touched many lives physically and spiritually. She is truly an amazing woman.