Improve Your Posture with Massage

Slouching Women Sitting At Desk

These days most of us spend major portions of our lives sitting at our desks. In fact, in a given week we’re at the office hunched over our desks on average of 48 hours.

This position creates misalignment in your spine.

Sitting with bad posture for an extended period of time can cause various health complications including:

    • Back Pain – When the spine is not properly aligned, your back muscles, ligaments & discs are under extra stress causing lower back pain.
    • Tension Headaches–Sitting hunched over at your job, tightens the muscles in your neck, upper back and shoulders causing muscle spasms which restricts blood flow to the back of your head., which can lead to tension headaches.
    • Fatigue– When you have poor posture, your muscles have to work extra hard just to hold you up, leaving you without energy.

Massage Helps Improve Posture

Massage can help get your body back on track. With ongoing massage treatments, tension for tight muscles can be released restoring proper movement within the body. Massage therapy is a powerful and natural way to improve posture. Schedule your appointment today!